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Mt Hutt Memorial Hall Art Gallery Exhibition – Trio

Jen Dearborn

I am an artist who is inspired by nature. I work in oils, watercolours, acrylics and I am also a print-maker.

The prints in this exhibition are all mono-prints created with oil-based inks and using a printing press. The miniatures are created by cutting up larger prints and using the fragments as more abstract images. All of the prints are inspired by the Canterbury landscape from an aerial perspective. They are very abstract though and you may see something else entirely and that’s ok. The white marks can be seen as birds or boats but they also represent all of the deep wells drilled into the plains.

The watercolours are all painted on location in Arthurs Pass or the Rakaia Gorge and some continue a series that depicts matagouri. This plant is often maligned for its sharp thorns but I find the shape of these bushes unusual and some of them almost look like they could get up and walk away.

A couple acrylics carry on my series of forest paintings that has been going for years and the large still life in oil is a one-off.

I hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Sally Withell

In 1978, I came to Methven after roaming the world, mainly to start a business of my own which could enable me to ski regularly without much travelling.

More than half my life later I continue to welcome visitors to my Bed and Breakfast. However I have juggled that occupation with nursing, creating art works, attending art tutorials and renovating old cottages at the seaside. My love of the water is sometimes evident in what I paint when visiting the beach.

Working in all types of medium is a true joy, but the one I am passionate about is Encaustic (after the Greek word enkostikos which translated means ‘to burn in’. To the molten beeswax and pigments, Damar Varnish and sun thickened Linseed Oil is added to aid application. I brush the molten wax onto wood, or canvas which is supported by a firm board. It instantly dries hard on application. The finished work can be polished to make it glow. The medium will last for many thousands of years and never fade or yellow. It was probably first used by the ancient Greeks and recently has enjoyed a resurgence. However, I find after using it for 20 years, I am just beginning, because it has many facets to it. A real pleasure for me is reading about it and the artists who have used it. If the reader enjoys my paintings half as much as I enjoyed creating them, I will be happy. What a journey!

Susie Millichamp

Susie is known around Canterbury for her Impressionist watercolour and oil paintings.  She is represented by “Topp Country Café Methven”. Susie takes classes at Methven Summer School, Ashburton Society of Arts and will be teaching at the Drawing Room in Christchurch. She also takes classes from her Staveley Studio. Researching techniques and painting every day leads to confidence. The answer is to paint what really spins your wheels!

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